An early post from my twin-preggie days…

Sunday, April 22, 2007
 Weekend Doings
Hello everyone!

This weekend my husband took me to Jo-Ann Fabrics store, so I could buy some fabric to make a twin-size baby playmat.  I didn’t like the thought of commercially produced ones that: A) had toxic flame-retardant chemicals sprayed in/on them, and B) they’re so teensy!  How would I fit two babies on those?  So I’m making one that’s 3′x5′ to fit both the girls. And C) I think the commercial playmats are a bit overstimulating for babies.  After all, back in the “Little House on the Prairie” days, babies got along just find without a jumbling riot of noise, flashing lights and an excess profusion (confusion?) of colors, etc…
I called Jo-Ann Fabrics corporate office earlier in the week to inquire about their fabrics.  I was told that 100% cotton fabrics that were labeled “flammable” and “not intended for children’s sleepwear” only had a light treatment of finishing chemicals (formaldehyde, etc…) that would wash off after one laudering, unlike other cloth or commerically produced cloth baby products which had the chemicals impregnated into the fibers so it would last the lifetime of the product.
So off I went, combing the aisles of the store looking for flammable 100% cotton – but to make my quest harder, also earlier this week I had run across a blog that informed me that China still uses DDT to spray their cotton crops!  So as a precaution I looked for cloth “Made in the USA”.
Now I just have to wash the cloth to remove the “light finishing” chemicals and excess dyes (which may or may not contain heavy metals, ex: chrome is used to dye yellow cloth), then a vinegar soak to set the remaining dye, then another wash, THEN I can get to sewing!  I’ll upload pics as I make progress with the project.  (Editor’s update:  Too much construction project taking place next door, lack of sleep resulting from that caused cancellation of playmat project.)
Anyone know any good, clean jokes?  I could use a good laugh.
Newstory that caught my eye:  “Chinese automakers showcase eco-cars”
Recent movie that I liked: “Who Killed the Electric Car?”
Current Mood:  tired and sad – today I found out that even the short 2 minute walk to the mailbox is now beyond me, even at a snail’s pace.  It set off some strong Braxton-Hicks contractions.  My world has just gotten smaller.

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