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Friday, May 18, 2007

 Chips Ahoy!
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I recently went shopping at our local Publix supermarket.  (This is a chain that seems to be prevalent in the Southeast.)

As I drooled my way past the bakery counter cake display(I can only window-shop, since I’m trying SO hard to avoid getting gestational diabetes),  I noticed a sign by the cookie display:

“Free cookie for child 12 and under, accompanied by adult.”


I then looked down at my protruding pregnant belly.

My twins were most certainly under 12, and they were, for the present, unavoidably accompanied by an adult – me!

So, with cravings in hand, I boldly went forth to the counter and announced to the attendant that I had two children, under 12, and that they were certainly being accompanied by an adult.  Then I pointed to my protruding abdomen.

The attendant blinked, then went to confer with her supervisor.

And thus it was that I ended up walking away, clutching two chocolate-chip cookies in hand.

My husband, who regularly puts his cookie boxes (yep, that’s right, the fiend scarfs down entire boxes of chocolate chip cookies – organic ones – about one box per week,) up on a high shelf so that I can’t snarf up a whole box at one sitting (pot, kettle, who cares?  All’s fair in cookies and war!), looked at me with his patented, mournful, begging puppy-eyes™ and shamelessly even made little pathetic whimper noises, hoping I’d share some of my booty.

Nuh-uh!  I (self-)righteously proclaimed that these were for my two children, and I intended to see that they got ’em, one way or another.  And as he was missing that all-important placental barrier that would convey the essence of cookie-goodness to our children, it was my duty and obligation to eat both of those cookies myself.

Ahh…the sacrifices we mothers are called upon to make for our children…

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