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Thursday, April 26, 2007

 Prehensile Toes & Poking holes in my feet
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Hey there,

Now that my stomach is WAY too big for me to be bending over to pick up all the stuff I drop, I usually have to leave it for my husband to pick up when he gets home from work.  He can usually track my progress through our apartment by following the trail of debris on the floor.  I’ve told him that I really don’t litter on purpose just to see him do the menial work of picking up after me.  I hope he believes me.

Usually that works just fine, except today I had to go out, and after going down the hall, down the elevator (while fending off a bloodthirsty mosquito), and walking through the parking lot to our car, I discovered that my husband hadn’t replaced the car key (an extra would cost $100 from the dealer) on my key chain and it was back in the apartment.

SO – it was back through the parking lot, up through the elevator (the mosquito must have gotten off on another floor), down the hall and back home.  Yep, lo and behold, the car key was on the table.  I pick it up, and guess what?

I dropped it on the floor.

So there’s the pain in the butt key on the floor, and my husband isn’t around to pick it up for me.  So I try to grab it with my toes, okay so far, kick up my foot in back of me and reach back and manage to snag it from my foot. Yay me!  Then it was the long trek back to the car.


I also made the amazing discovery today, that my feet have swollen (I think it’s called edema or something), and if I poke my ankles, the indentation just from lightly poking, will last for quite awhile.  So I spent a happy five minutes today poking constellations into my ankles with the eraser end of a pencil.  Woo-hoo!  What fun!

Recent good movie: “Love Comes Softly”

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