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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

 Olympic Tag-Team Kickboxing and the war on cell phones!
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Hi all,

It seems the twins are practicing for their future spots on the Olympic Tag-Team Kickboxing team. 

The baby on the right will kick up a storm for a few days, kicking the heck out of me, while baby on the left will be ominously still.  Then they switch over and baby on the left will take over the task of kicking mommy’s guts, while baby on the right won’t so much as twitch!

We tried getting one of those “Bebe Sounds” fetal noise amplifyers, but it just didn’t seem to pick up much of anything, so I have to wait until my monthly doctor appointment to see if both girls are ok.

My husband Mike is also pretty weirded out by the various body parts that occasionally protrude from my abdominal region.  I try really hard not to think of those James Cameron “Alien” movies 🙂

In other news, my navel has sorta popped.  This is also weird for both of us.

Also, I have declared war on my husband’s work cell phones – yes, he has two of them (he had three last week, but we’re trying to wean him off of them gradually 🙂 )  He has an alarm set to go off on them at 8:30am every morning.  Not a problem during the week, but on weekends, it usually goes off while he goes to the gym and I’m trying to catch up on DESPERATELY needed sleep!

I told him that if it happens again, I’m burying his cell phone in the kitchen garbage can!  And if it happens after the babies are born and wakes them (and me) up, I’ll wrap the offending piece of electronica in a USED diaper and bury it in the diaper pail!

He’s also been put on notice that if he uses his cell phone during labor when he should be assisting me, after I get home, his cell phone will be inserted into the blender on FRAPPE !

Interesting news article: Hawaiian macadamia nut farmers face economic devastation due to false labeling of imported mac nuts as “Hawaiian”

Take care and God Bless!

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