The Blue’s Clues blues – or “Steve is better than Joe”.

I really try to avoid letting my twins (1yr old now) watch TV, whether it’s PBS or dvd/vhs. 

At first I’d let them watch those “Baby Einstein” vids, which purportedly smarten up your kids so they’re ready for ivy-league university classes by the age of two, until I read this article:

Baby DVDs, videos may hinder, not help, infants’ language development”

 Actually I had noticed that one of my twins, Halle, though she seemed to enjoy watching the tv, was withdrawn afterwards and had a bit of a glassy stare and started to bang her head against things.  I started to even have fears of autism.  But all that cleared up a few days after I stopped all tv for them. 

Now that they’re 1, well heck, they’re twins, I’m outnumbered and outgunned!  Sometimes I need to pee!  Sometimes, gasp!, selfish mother that I am, I even need to take a shower once in a while!  And ‘the tube’ sure does keep them occupied while I prepare their meals.

So somehow I managed to luck out and find “Blue’s Clues”.  What’s different about this show compared to the “Baby Einstein” ones is that the host, Steve, takes the audience along with him in linear fashion.  No scene jumping.  If Steve goes into the kitchen, we go with him every step of the way, while he clearly states that we are now all going into the kitchen.

Steve points to various objects: “What is that on the counter? (an icecube tray! the “audience” voice says) “An icecube tray? What does it do?” (it makes ice!) “Oh!  If we fill this icecube tray with water and put it in the freezer like this, then we can make ice!” he demonstrates.

Babies can match the words to the actions, unlike the random images/word matchups and non-stop toy commercials that are the “Baby Einstein”‘s trademarks.

For the first few years of the show “Blue’s Clues”, Steve Burns was the host.  However when he left the show to form an indie band, a new host, Joe, was introduced.

My babies do not like Joe.

I do not like Joe.

I’m sure that “Joe” is a nice person, but we prefer Steve.  Actually, most of the mothers I’ve spoken with all agree “Steve is best.”

By the way, even on the “Joe” episodes on DVD, the dvds usually have a couple of “bonus” eps with Steve.

You can usually find or reserve these at your local library, but if you’re feeling hectic and racking up serious overdue fines at the library when you forget to return them on time, you can try buying them for keeps at either of these two places for cheap:



Either one usually has pretty good prices.  I recommend “Blue’s Biggest Stories” because it has 8 eps on it.  More bang for your buck 🙂 (there are some “Joe” eps, but who knows?  You might like him.  Anyway, there’re about 4 “Steve” eps, so it’s a pretty good deal.

oops!  I almost forgot… you should google “ coupon code” first to get coupon codes you can apply at checkout – I found one recently for free shipping, and another one for $10 off a $50 purchase.  (Also, I like ‘s shipping rates – for standard shipping of cds or dvds, it’s just $3 for the first one and each additional one is only 50cents.

Bye for now 🙂



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1 thought on “The Blue’s Clues blues – or “Steve is better than Joe”.

  1. Steve is the BEST! We never watch Joe, unless it is when Steve introduced him when he went off to college — ! I have a ton of Blues Clues… all on video :p The first 3 kids all had Blues Clues birthday parties when they turned two (adults do not like to eat blue paw print cake, btw)and now the 4th one will be turning 2 in Oct, but he doesn’t like TV… I don’t know what to do!
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