In-Vitro attempt 1.0 (Saga Continues…)

When we last left our heroine….

She was getting pumped full of hormones every which way, and then some!  While driving all those around her equally insane!

Ok, I’m exaggerating….slightly.

I think my husband and I were probably unofficially known as “That Couple That Fights All The TIme” at church 🙂

Everything seemed worth fighting over.  Loudly.  And involving plenty of other innocent bystanders, as well. 


God Bless the wonderful brothers and sisters at our church, for putting up with us, and for all those who very generously gave their time, their patience and their hearts trying to help us sort things out.  We had quite a few church members on speed dial who gave a tremendous lot of emotional and spiritual support over the past few years since we moved to Florida.


Ok, moving right along, I guess you’ve gathered from the above, that my husband and I are rather religious.  So you can imagine it was quite a dilemma when my husband was ordered to give “samples” for testing, etc..

Typically, the husband goes into a little private room, where he is supplied with “motivational media” and a little cup.

Except we had a problem.  Our beliefs are FERVENTLY against extra-marital-whatever! 

We thought and prayed about this, and decided that since we were trying to create a child who could be fully embraced by God (known in our church as a Blessed Child, or 2nd Gen), this did not include tainting the process with questionable “media”.

So we told the clinic staff that I would be joining my husband in that little room and would “motivate” him myself.

They fussed, and my husband practiced what I like to call: ‘Talk softly and marry a mouthy Jew.’  He stared at them with incredibly sad puppy eyes, while I fixed my beady eyes on them with my best grim stare and explained that their “media” wouldn’t be very motivational at all.  They gave in.  I think we intimidated them.

Next obstacle: trying to keep my ovaries from getting snarled.

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