It was bound to happen eventually…

Ever since the girls learned to take off their own diapers, we noticed that one baby’s diapers were coming off more frequently than the other’s.  Apparently Zanna and Halle both enjoyed taking off Zanna’s diapers.  So, in our infinite parental wisdom, we decided that during the daytime, Zanna would wear shorts, and thus be unable to “disrobe”.

Problem solved.  Or so we thought…

We hadn’t counted on my husband being so tired one morning that when he took the babies to the playroom so their tired mama could continue sleeping, he didn’t pay much attention to what Zanna was wearing.  Or not wearing as the case turned out to be.

Seems she had taken off her diaper even before she left the crib, and my dear exhausted hubby didn’t even notice he was toting a bare-nekkid baby into the other room.

Until he smelled something.

Well, Zanna felt the urge to poo, did so, then enjoyed the squishy feeling of “mud” between her toes before tracking it across the playroom and, stopped by the gate, proceeded to piddle a puddle.

Halle apparently noticed all this and toddled over to “investigate”. Heaven only knows what exactly she did, but by the time I responded to my husband’s distressed “Honey, we have a problem!”, the little mite was seated in the corner, poo all over her hands and swiped on a book and a (poor) plush bear.

While my husband hauled the little ickies over to the tub for a good hosing down, I had the unenviable task of removing the baby droppings and mopping the puddle o’ pee.

We’re VERY careful now that Zanna has her nether parts thoroughly covered at all times.

We still wonder, though, if Halle conducted a “taste-test” or not.  Hmm….maybe somethings are best not thought about.  Ugh!

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