The past week at home

Whew!  We just spent the past week with a virus.  All of us.

At first we couldn’t decide if the girls were teething – they’ve got some largish molars coming in, and the sneezing, coughing, runny nose, slight fever Zanna, and then Halle were having were kind of par for the course for that, according to the baby books and other mothers.

I still didn’t feel right about taking them to the mall’s indoor playground – just in case.

Good thing I listened to my gut instinct, because a couple of days later I started getting a sore throat and runny nose myself.  And I’m pretty sure I’m past the teething stage 🙂

Then, as usually happens when she gets sick, Halle’s fever went up in the middle of the night.  ‘Uh-oh!’ I thought, ‘We’ve got trouble!’.

By the next day, the poor little mite’s fever had gotten up to 103.8!  That was a Friday, and we tried everything we could think of to get her fever down.  We called our pediatrician’s on-call registered nurse hotline, gave Halle lukewarm baths, infant Motrin, infant Tylenol (which seems to always work better than the Motrin, even though I really dislike the chemicals in it – I mean, c’mon!  Do they REALLY need to put industrial engine degreaser (propylene glycol) in baby medicine?)

Thankfully by the next day her fever broke.

Then we just had to deal with her coughing.

Zanna, meanwhile just breezed through like she always does.  It seems like she eats, sleeps and gets sick like her Dada, while Halle takes after Mama in those respects.

They’re both better now, but before it was all over, my husband and I both had come down with it, too!

Oh joy!  Taking care of active 14month twins while feeling sick as dogs (me more than him!) ourselves!

We’re all better now, but still with a bit of runny noses all around.

To add to all the fun, we were worried about Hurricane Ike potentially coming our way!


But, now that things are getting back to normal, it’s back to our environmental reclaimation project, a.k.a. taking back our apartment from the utter and complete chaos that took over from the moment the babies were born.  The mountains of stuff, the boxes of stuff, the piles of stuff and…more…stuff.  Lotsa stuff.  Gee, I didn’t realize we had so much stuff!  Where’d it all come from?

Anyway, the babies’ territory needs to expand yet again, so it’s on to the living room.  Last week we expanded their territory to the bedroom and they were so thrilled!  Now they can lay (waste to) claim to the entire back half of the apartment!  They even did a little baby victory dance in celebration of their attaining access to the coveted master bedroom!  There were much squeakings of joy to be heard as they pounced on the box of diaper wipies I had carelessly left lying around, and wipies flew like confetti as Zanna pillaged to her heart’s content(before I took the box away).

Now we have to invest in another new (and expensive!) gate to divide the living room from the computer area/kitchen.  Sigh…too bad money really doesn’t grow on trees (grin).

Have a happy weekend everyone!  Bye for now!

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