Important Discovery

I’ve learned something this past weekend.  Something IMPORTANT.  Do you want to know my Great Discover?  Lean a little closer and I’ll tell you.  This is earthshattering and you just may faint from the shock of it.  Ok, ready?  Seated comfortably?  Here goes…If you take your child to play in the water, whether it’s a pool, the beach or a fountain park, you must absolutely, without fail, PUT A DIAPER ON THEIR CUTE L’IL REAR ENDS, BEFORE you put on their swim pants/bathing suit!!!

You cannot, dear reader, leave it up to fate, chance, the whims of toddler constipation, or whatever, trusting that since they just poo’ed, that you’ll be safe.  Oh no, that way lies madness!  And let me tell you, moisturized poos are absolutely HORRIBLE to try to clean out of those terrycloth swimpants!  And these were multi-grain poos!  (I’ve just started giving the girls Kashi(tm) crackers for more fiber.)

My husband deserves to be canonized for sainthood for bravely volunteering to wash out those toxic waste dumps!  (He says he’d actually rather have a Starbucks venti decaff, than sainthood, so if you’d like to buy him one, feel free to click on the paypal link on the left, it will make him so happy!  Or leave a comment of commiseration/sympathy for him below and I’ll pass that on 🙂  )

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