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I decided to not re-up my membership in either Starfleet (the local branch seceeded from the union) and the “local” Parents of Multiples”, as it’s way too far away for me to attend any meetings – and on a Thurs. nite, no less, when my husband works late.

Instead, I’ve joined the Holistic Moms Network.  They’re a lot closer and they meet on Saturday mornings, which is more doable for me, and right across the street is an indoor playground (they charge $6 per kid), and down the street is a waterfountain park for kids to play in on sunny days, and another park close by.

Also, what is really nifty, is that the meeting takes place in Whole Foods, which means I can get a little shopping done afterwards of things I couldn’t buy from the organic co-op I usually get deliveries from.

Speaking of food, my little darlings are being awfully picky this week.  It seems they’ll only eat things that come in nuggets and raviolis.  They’ll eat fish and chicken nuggets, and so far, beef/spinach raviolis, squash raviolis, chicken raviolis and cheese raviolis.

Surprise, surprise, they’re also constipated.  I’m now supplementing with pureed prunes.

Luckily they still drink their juice, so I can get veggies into them that way.  They seem to not mind that their juice ranges in color from yellowy to dark green, from one day to the next.

I’ve also started trying a product called Moxxor, that I heard about from NaturalNews.com.  I’ve even become a distributor.  You can read all about it in the “Special Opportunity” section on the left.  So far it’s worked on the leg cramps that were keeping me awake at night, even if I was so lucky as to get my insomniac twin to sleep.

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