The world revolves around their diapers…

Ya know, it’s just come to my attention that an inordinate amount of my posts on this blog in some way or other reference my daughters’ eliminatory processes…in other words, poo.

Baby poo has in fact taken over our lives.  I plan their diet according to their quality of poo, and even sometimes tweak it (the diet, not the poo) to arrange for a slowdown when we go on a car trip.

By this time, I can pretty much create a made-to-order poo, depending, of course, on whether the girls will eat the requisite foodstuffs necessary for proper elimination.  Anyway, I could go on and on like this for days. 

At least my husband and I no longer do a victory dance when the babies succeed in having a BM.

I’ll try to refrain from mentioning the p-word in posts for awhile, unless of course I get comments practically begging me to write about the time one of the girls had a champion long-distance poo-shoot that reached a distance of over a meter away.


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