Gwah dat?

Zanna  has now learned how to say “What’s that?” and point to something.  Of course it sounds more like “Gwah dat?” but the meaning is still very clear. 

Halle has also discovered how to stack her oversize blocks together!   I’m so proud of my babies’ progress!

I’m trying to read to them as much as I can.  They seem to prefer rhyming text with colorful pictures.  We’re signed up with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, which sends 2 copies of a free book once a month to them.  We signed each of them up separately, so they each get their own copy of the same book. 

Here’s the link:


So far, we’ve received “The Little Engine That Could” and “Raindrop, Plop!”  The girls are wild over the raindrop book!  They love when I count the objects, and ask them to find the doggie in each picture.  They also like pointing to different objects and getting me to tell them what it is.

I also made swedish meatballs for them using ground turkey, which they liked, so hopefully the tryptophan in the turkey will help Halle sleep better.

The Holistic Mom’s Network email group also recommended a book, “The Happiest Toddler on the Block” and whitenoise cds or machines, so we’ll try them one-by-one and see if we can get our littlest insomniac settled down.

I’ll keep ya posted.


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