Crunchy Ice Cream – YAY!

It’s very interesting, but most of the comments I’ve received are coming from a website that sells survival gear and freeze-dried foods.

What’s interesting about it, is that I happen to like freeze-dried foods – specifically, freeze-dried ice-cream!

What’s not to love about ice-cream that doesn’t melt 🙂  It won’t drip on my books, or keyboard, and if I have to answer the twins’ loud calls of nature, I don’t come back to find my treat a sodden puddled mess in the bowl.

The best prices I’ve found so far are at

but hold on a sec, pardner – in addition to their already extremely discounted prices, how about an additional 10% off?

First of all, you’ll need to visit my fave,

If you don’t have an account, please sign up for one and give as the email referring you –

it’s free, and we’ll both get a credit for $5.

Then do a search for the vitacost store.  You’ll see ebates gives 5% cashback.  Click their link for vitacost and a new window will open for vitacost, which you can shop from.

Then, at checkout, open a new browser page and check out over in my ‘Go To’ Deal sites list on the right side of this page, and do a search for discount codes for .  They usually have a 5% discount one.

A total of 10% in discounts/cashback!

Now about the Mountain House brand of freeze-dried foods:

Anything sold in a pouch is fine, but their CANNED stuff should be avoided as they use pthalates and Bisphenol-A in their cans.  I emailed Mountain House directly to check their packaging.

I’ve also called Vitacost to let them know and they said they will investigate this, also.

But the pouch stuff is ok – including ICE CREAM!!!  YAY!!

It’s the same stuff as the “Astronaut Ice-Cream”, but cheaper.

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1 thought on “Crunchy Ice Cream – YAY!

  1. If only I had an ice cream maker I’d be in the kitchen making this right now instead of sitting at the computer! I’ll definitely save this recipe for furture use!

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