Deep, dark secrets of motherhood…

C’mon, all of you moms out there, admit it – there are things you’ve done in the name of motherhood that you’d prefer no other living soul ever found out!  The very thought of some of these things being found out makes you cringe in embarassment. 

I’m about to reveal some of these things…

For one, I don’t bathe my children every day.  I figure, that if people got by in ‘Little House on the Prairie’ days with just one bath a week, my twins can, too.  (Of course I bathe them a bit more often then that, but not every day.)   It’ll also help them deal with bacteria better – scientists are finding out that antibacterial soaps and things are just making our immune systems more vulnerable to bacteria and pathogens.

Also, a reader clued me into recent research that found that the Vitamin D that we absorb from the sun needs to stay on our skin approx. 48 hours to be absorbed so that our body can use it.  If we bathe before that 48 hours is up, we lose access to that Vitamin D. 

Hmm…that might also mean that we should never bathe again!  I’m sure my toddlers would love to hear that news, but I think I’ll check into that a little more before I take it as gospel.  I’ll let you all know what I find out. 🙂

Also, and I’m sure I’m not the only mama out there who does this, but when my kids drop food on the floor, and refuse to eat it, well, waste not, want not. Yes, I sometimes actually eat it.  (We have very clean floors – no shoes allowed).

In fact, I probably eat more food that’s been dropped on the floor, than I do from other sources! 

 That is, of course, if I can even find the food.  As I mentioned in another post, my twins seem to have their own DIY food-jerky factory going on.  In case of nuclear winter, or if the recent upswing in food prices climbs any higher, the twins are all set with their cache of jerky!

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