I love IKEA!

We went to IKEA today.  I LOVE that place!  Everything is so cheap, so streamlined and functional!  It’s the kind of furniture that says, “Let your twins do their worst!”.

Furniture destruction takes on a whole new meaning when it isn’t great-grandmother’s antique, custom-made coffee table that’s getting the heck beaten out of it with various blunt instruments.

It’s furniture that seems to welcome abuse.  And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Anyway, they’ve also got rockin’ good food there, too!  I mean who can beat .99cents for eggs, 3 strips bacon and a reasonable mound of home-fried potatoes.  I also went piggy and spent an extrs $2.99 on the Belgian Waffle with assorted fruit toppings and whipped cream (real cream) and they even let you put on the toppings yourself!

I was in cholesterol nirvana.  My husband felt slightly ill after stuffing himself.  I did too, but I wasn’t about to admit it.

IKEA has a way of sucking you in.  You may plan to spend only an hour there, but the next time you look at your watch, you realize you’ve been there for close to 4 hours.

We also bought a can-opener there.  The one we have is like wrestling with the gordian knot to get it to work.

We actually just went there to buy some floor rugs, as it’s getting chilly, and one of our twins insists on sleeping on the floor on a blanket.

We found a great bargain and previously $60 rugs were only $20!

Their meatballs are also SO good!, but the gravy has MSG in it.

Oh, oh! Guess what?  I knew something about produce that the produce guy at Whole Foods didn’t!  If you look on the product code sticker on the produce, if it doesn’t start with a number 9, then it ISN’T organic!  He had piled the NON-organic apples in with the organic ones and I caught it!  He didn’t know about the sticker codes.

Well, gotta go now.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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