My little Tooth Fairy

The other night I was lucky enough to have one twin drop right off to sleep at 7pm.  Woohoo! I thought.  Get the other one to sleep and maybe I can have some free time when I’m not so exhausted I can barely remember my own name!

Well, Zanna was a good little sport about it.  She valiantly tried to get to sleep.  The little mite tossed and turned earnestly for a good 10 minutes before she sat up, stood up and leaned over me with an intense look on her face.  Then she lifted her finger to her mouth and did the universal “brushing teeth” sign.

Complete with sound effect – ch ch ch ch ch ch.

I had thought that skipping their toothbrushing routine one night wouldn’t hurt, but Zanna wasn’t having any of that.  She knew the proper order of operations and toothbrushing ALWAYS comes before sleeptime!


She patiently waited while I located all toothbrushing paraphenalia and her bottle of water for rinsing, then she snatched the toothbrush out of my hand and tried to give it a go all by herself.  Even sans toothpaste!

Mama just had to help at the end to “get a few spots” she missed.

Then she promptly laid down, rolled over a few times and went to sleep.

Tonight, the girls actually fought over possession of the toothbrush (guess I’m going to have to buy a second one!), and after Halle did a ninja-baby snatch and run of the toothbrush, Zanna burst into loud, long howls of baby anguish.

I kid you not. (pun not intended)

And when we got the toothbrush back for her, she absolutely refused to let anyone help her brush her teeth!

While a little less loud and insistant, Halle also made it clear to us that toothbrushing was a preferred activity that beside which, all others paled in comparison!

Well, at least we shouldn’t have to worry too much about kiddie cavities 🙂

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