Zen and the Art of Eating Grapes

We take our grapes seriously in our household.  Apparently, there are different techniques for eating differently colored grapes. 

I never knew this.

Green grapes, while supposedly seedless, nevertheless have “icky” parts in the middle, which must be carefully and slowly excavated, before the grape is deemed fit to eat.

Red seedless are fine as-is to one of my twins, Zanna, while Halle must peel each one carefully, eat the peels (yes, you read that right), line up the now nude grapes in a row, and after all possible peels have been savored to their fullest, only then will she eat the skinless remains.

Assuming, of course, that Zanna hasn’t reached over in the meantime and gobbled them down.

That leaves black/purple seedless.  These have been labeled “unclean”, and in a dreadful enactment of a grape caste system, are promptly dumped overboard and consigned to grape purgatory on the floor.

Sometimes it’s a hard and ruthless world we live in…especially if you’re a grape.

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