Who needs a Roomba(tm), when you’ve got one of these?

Have you seen the Roomba(tm)?  It’s a little frisbee shaped automatic robotic vacuum.  You put one of these Roomba(tm) things down, and it goes to work vacuuming your floors and carpets.

Luckily, I don’t have to shell out money for this service.  I found this out tonight while we were getting the girls ready for bed.  First Halle, and then Zanna toddled off the carpet and onto our tile floor, lay face down and proceeded to give the floor long, wet, swipes with their tongues.  Repeatedly.

Then they rolled onto their backs and proceeded to make “floor angels”.  This is like snow angels, but without the snow and indoors.

Then Zanna waddled over to the carpet and tried to lick that, too.  Thankfully, that didn’t last too long.

I have no inkling what could be going on inside their precious little heads to come up with these things.

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