A Veggie Revelation

As most mothers are, I am concerned that my twins don’t eat enough veggies.  I puree them into applesauce, I juice them, and I prepare them in (supposedly) enticing recipes so that they’ll be eaten.

I have since found out, that veggies that are recognizable as such will promptly and with extreme prejudice, be dumped overboard.  And if we should dare to try disguising them with ketchup, (or catsup) they will, with great velocity, be catapulted at the wall, thereby to leave a splat-stain for all to see.

It therefore came as a very great surprise to us this evening, when after a fruitless attempt (pun not intended) to have them eat zucchini pancakes (latkes), we were cleaning up the veggie debris on the floor and both the girls toddled over and started chowing down like no tomorrow!  They were voluntarily eating the zucchini cakes!  They even tussled over a cake or two!  So my husband and I started dumping a few more on the floor and the girls ate those too!

Luckily my husband had wiped the floor earlier today.

Now I know the secret – I will strew veggies on the ground and let them forage like chipmunks in the forest.

But something tells me it can’t be that easy.  I’ll let you know.

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