Floor Angels and Car Trunks

Living here in sunny Florida, there isn’t really too much snow.  One of the things I miss about a childhood up north in New Jersey, was being able to make snow angels.  My two girls, however, have found a creative solution to the lack of snow.

I was very surprised this past week when they both proceeded to lie down on the floor and wave their arms and legs as if they were making snow angels!  They must have gotten the idea from a new book I had gotten them:  “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats.  The boy in the book makes snow angels in the snow.  Well, now my two little girls are making floor angels and keeping the floor dusted, as well. 

Anything that cuts down on my housework, I am very in favor of 🙂

Also, this past Saturday, I made the mistake of going to the mall on a weekend during Christmas shopping season.  Crowded doesn’t begin to describe it.

Our mall has an indoor playground which is VERY nice!  And guess what?  On this particular day there were a total of SIX sets of twins running amok in it.  My girls were the only girl twins there.  Some of the boys were playing very roughly, and some kids were hacking and coughing and wheezing and sneezing, so I decided that it wasn’t the best day to play there. 

I can’t understand what parent would take their bronchitis-ridden child to a public indoor playground and let them run around making other kids sick, when that child should be in bed at home resting.

Then my day got even better.  When I was about to put the girls into their carseats, I realized their diapers were soaking wet and leaking.  Hmm…do I go back into the mall and use their pestilent rickety excuse for a diaper-changing area, or…well, there’s the car trunk, all empty and sorta cleanish!

So I put down a pad and changed the girls in the car trunk, while the usual mall parking lot vultures honked their horns trying to hurry me along.

One guy even rolled down his window and asked me how long I’d be.  “I’ve got twins with soaking diapers – come back in 15 minutes!” I replied.

Finally all others gave up except for this really annoying car which kept honking and honking at me.

C’mon!  It’d take less time to park a little farther away and walk back to the store!  Get some REAL exercise, and you won’t have to shell out the big bucks for some Wii system to do pseudo-exercise simulations!

So, I’d wave cheerily at her everytime she’d honk.  Eventually I finished up with the girls who were very interested at getting a look at the interior of the car trunk.  It’s not something they get to see everyday.

Happy Holidays!

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