Chanukkah (or Hanukkah, or Hanukah, or Chanukah) :)

Well, it’s the second night of Chanukah, and just like the first night, we said the blessing, lit the menorah, as the girls peeped over the edge of the table and tried in vain to grab at the lit candles.

Tonight we played dreidle with them with a large plastic dreidle I found at Whole Foods.  They loved it!  They clapped their hands with glee and voluntarily handed it back to me to spin it again.

Then Zanna got grabby and tried to hog it, so we let her have her turn examining it, then it was Halle’s turn.  They’re a little unclear on the concept of taking turns, so Zanna tried to snatch it back.  Halle then burst into squalls of dismay, so we repossessed it.  Whereupon she clutched it to her chest and ran off with it, with Zanna in hot pursuit.

They ran around the room a bit before Zanna gave up the chase.  By then the dreidle was looking a little worse for wear so Mama directed Halle’s attention elsewhere, snatched it quickly away, and pitched it quickly out of sight and over the baby gate.  They quickly forgot about it.

We also gave them each a baby fingernail sized piece of gelt (holiday chocolate) that was imported from Israel (so we could avoid any chinese poison-tainted milk powder containing choco coins available here in the USA.

Buy American….yeah, right.  I’d be glad to when ingredients aren’t from places that think nothing of putting toxic substances into things kids will eat….Oh, that includes all the major formula makers, doesn’t it?


Anyway, we grownups spun the dreidle to see who would get the last chocolate coin.  After about 5 fruitless spins each, my husband realized that the dreidle we were using was loaded.  It was designed to never land on gimmel.  Finally, the second dreidle I used was a little more honest, and my mother, the girls’ Bubbe, won the last piece of candy.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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