WANTED: Benjamin Bear a.k.a. Brown Bear, a.k.a. Bear-bear!

About 18 years ago, a good friend gave me a small brown bear as a present.  I named the bear Benjamin, and he was pretty good company.  He had soft brown fur and a black pleather nose and warm brown eyes.

Somewhere during the past few years, Benjamin ended up in a box with my other plush friends, until recently I offered him up to my twins.

Halle took to Benjamin in a big way.  She calls him Bear-bear and at night, she’ll grope around the crib, half-asleep until she finds him, pulls him close and then falls asleep once more.

I have mixed feelings about this.  After all, Benjamin is mine.  But I do feel warm and fuzzy inside, knowing that Benjamin is looking out for my child, and receiving the love and attention he missed while stored in his box.

18 years old is a long time for a stuffed bear, and I’m glad we don’t have to retire him just yet.  Who knows?  Maybe he’ll end up being loved by one of my grandchildren?

PLEASE read this article by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger at NaturalNews.com:
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