Festive Holiday Ideas….?

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, a day when everything gets colored green, from bagels to flowers to practically every item of clothing everyone wears on that day, whether Irish or not, I’ve made an Important Discovery.  (And yes, I’ve read way too many A.A. Milne books to my kids.)

I’ve discovered green poo.  Better yet, I know how to get my kids to poo green.  This is great, when someone asks you why you don’t have any green on you, you can just offer to let them get up close and personal with a full diaper to prove your greenness.

Here’s how you do it:  The night before, just feed your kids a lot of blueberries and some Greens+ powder (very cheap at vitacost, don’t forget to use www.retailmenot.com and www.ebates.com for extra discounts – and please use me as a reference to sign up to ebates – my ebates email is: dearjunie@yahoo.com)  and just use 1teaspoon of the green powder for children over 1 years old.

That’s it, by the next day, your child will have green poo.  You need both the fruit and the powder, because the powder alone just comes out drab olive.  The blueberries help make it a bright and festive shade, almost a kelly green.

Ok, I know this post was just so YUCK! but I’ve been a little tired recently and we’re all still trying to recover from a Houseguest Gone Wrong.  My brain is fried.

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