Wheel-less in South Florida

One day a couple of months ago (it takes me awhile sometimes to post on the blog things that are a bit upsetting), just as I got the girls down for a nap, I heard a knock on my door.  My neighbor from down the hall (who’s about to have a kid himself – or rather, his wife is), asked me, “Do you know what happened to your car?”

Gulp!  My car?!!

I’m sure my eyes were bugging out and I looked pretty shocked, but he assured me it hadn’t been stolen or wrecked – it was just missing a few wheels.  Like, all of them.  Tires, rims, lugnuts – all gone!

In broad daylight some uber-creep made off with my wheels.  Even after seeing two baby carseats in back!

Thank goodness my Dad and brother Daren came to the rescue!

Several months ago, my car was almost stolen.  In the attempt, the thief apparently disconnected one of the baby carseats to make more room for himself behind the steering wheel.

Purely by accident, I realized it was loose.  Now I check them regularly.

Even though the girls are 19mos. old, we haven’t reversed the seats.  They’re just within the manufacturer recommendations for height and weight, but it’s safer for them rear-facing.  That means, though, that the front driver and passenger seats have VERY little legroom.  I think you get more legroom flying coach on a cheapskate airline!

Anyway, long story short – we ended up getting some ‘spensive locking wheel nuts to prevent future thefts.  They’re called Gorilla Nuts.  I sure hope they work, because it was pretty tough without the car for the few days it took to get wheels on it again.

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