The times, they are a’changin’!

Daylight Saving Time again!

Bwah! Phooey!  I believe those are the technical terms to describe the feelings of many parents of babies and toddlers.

At first it all sounds good: if your tot woke up at 5am, they would now wake up at 6 am, thus gaining you (and the tot, of course) an extra hour of sleep.

Again I repeat: Bwah!  Phooey!

Nice in theory, but…

Now all the parents of babies and toddlers in our apartment building are saying the same thing: “Are your kids going bonkers at bedtime, unable to settle down for HOURS, too?”


7:30pm bedtime, but it’s still light out.  Ok, fine, we’ll shift to 8:30pm.  Now they sense the sun has truly gone down, but now they’re overtired.  Which means they’re all giddy and wired and overexhausted.  Which means trying to calm them down and catch the brief window of opportunity where you MIGHT be able to get them to relax enough to sleep.

Hah!  Fat chance!

Sometime around 10pm, if your lucky, they will collapse from exhaustion.  By then, they are so overexhausted, they will not sleep well, and will be sluggish in the morning and start to accumulate a sleep deficit.

Oh! But they’ll sleep later the next morning!  Yeah, right!  Only a fool, a naive fool would think that.  Guess what?  They pop awake at sunrise, all the same.

Matching the solar schedule with the clock schedule is sane.

Monkeying with it twice a year is madness.

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