Going, going, gone…

I’ve been hard pressed to find adequate outdoor playspace.  Parks are out if you’re a solo mama with multiples.  The little dears have a distressing habit of running off in opposite directions.

This is not good.

As a result, we’ve been mostly staying at home, like little caged birds, unless someone could be roped into coming with us.

I even tried an indoor play area at a local McDonald’s, which I usually boycott for religious reasons, which shows just how desperate I’ve become in getting my little ones some activity.

At first it looked pretty peachy.  The access to the tunnels looked within reach, and one climbed in one end, and the other girl climbed in the other.

At that point the magnitude of my mistake hit me:  the maze of tunnels extended UP!  Quickly, one 20mo. girl clambered up a verticle tunnel like a cute little monkey.  Her twin scuttled off in the opposite direction.

What if they got trapped?  If they could scuttle up, they could also fall down.


Quickly, I extracted one girl and then went worming my adult body through the tunnels trying to locate the other girl, while I could hear the first going back in on the other side.

It was like a comedy, first get one, then dash off to squeeze myself into kiddie tunnels to locate and retrieve the other one.

Until I had the bright idea to take a few extra seconds and strap one down in our stroller.

Finally I had retrieved both girls.  They were not happy campers.  I apologized profusely at dangling such lucious playtime fruit in front of them only to snatch it away.


I think we’ll sign up at a local Little Gym (www.littlegym.com).  The staff says if I come to an early class, there’s not so many people, and a staff member can help a little with both girls.

It’s pricey, about $15 per class, per child, even with a few extra classes they threw in for free, but I don’t think I have a choice.

I read an article that said kids who watch more than 2 hours of tv per day have a 50% increased risk of developing asthma – their lungs develop differently than kids who are more active.

So, active kids coming right up!

This has the potential to make a more exhausted mama, but at least they’ll have healthy lungs.  I had visions of their potential Olympic aspirations being cut short because I had neglected to provide them with adequate physical activity.  They’d never forgive me.

Dealing with mama guilt is a hard thing, sometimes.

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