The Dichotomy of Taste…

I’ve discovered something interesting about the girls, who are now 20 months old.

They’ve started developing different tastes and preferences in food.

For example, a few months ago they both liked cheese.  Now only Halle will eat cheese while Zanna acts as if I’ve offered her crud from between my toes.

Zanna loves Miso soup, while Halle will do a full body shudder if she tastes it.

Zanna loves strawberries, Halle only mildly likes them. Same with raisins.

Halle loves scrambled eggs, Zanna thoroughly detests them.

Halle likes the fish in fish nuggets, and Zanna likes the breading.  So at the end of the meal, there’s a pile of breading under Halle’s chair, and a pile of fish chunks under Zanna’s chair.  So I tried putting the piles on the other twin’s plate, and found out that neither of them like half-eaten remnants rejected by someone else.

Good news: they are both on sippy cups full time.  We finally found ones they like that are spill proof, but can still have a good flow.

Zanna has begun giving us an alert almost everytime she poos or pees, and has started demanding her diaper be changed, even with minmal pee in it.  This indicates she is becoming ready for potty training.

Halle doesn’t seem to be aware of what’s happening in her diaper, so it probably means I’ll only have to potty train one at a time.

And they both really enjoy wiping off each other’s bottom during diaper changing time.  They also like feeding each other snacks, too.

Nice girls, very nice.

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