First Disney Experience

Last night we took the girls to a Disney on Ice show that I had gotten free tickets to, for telling people about a ticket discount code.  (The code is: MOM at – buy 4 or more tickets and the price is $11 per ticket.)

The promoters of the event had a special party for us and other families who did the same thing.

It was great!

We got shown into a VIP lounge, where they had Mickey and Minnie Mouse available for pics with the kids (Their first Disney character pic!), pretty good food, much better than I expected, and lots of toys scattered on the tables.  They also had goodie bags with…


It was a pretty complete costume – a tiara, some wings and a tutu, all green, and pretty nice!


Eeeeeeee!!!!!(squeals of Mama joy)

Of course I’m going to have to put it away until they’re a little older – maybe by Halloween – so they don’t destroy it.

The girls seemed to like all the goings on.  Of course there was mild protesting at not being allowed to have any of the balloons, but the staff explained that if the balloons got loose, it’d be pretty hard to recapture them as the ceiling was WAAAY high in the room.

Other than that, things went pretty good.  Thankfully Halle caught a nap in the car on the way up, and Zanna had had a pretty solid nap in the afternoon while Halle just dozed, and I managed to get some healthy snacks in to them – organic cheese, apples, crackers and avocado, and some milk.  I think this helped alot.

I also had the foresight to bring along Halle’s pacifier and both the girls’ lovies – Bun-bun the bunny and Softie the Snoedel.  I think that made a big difference in how things turned out.

Then it was time for the show!

The girls for the most part were ok sitting on our laps, boogied a little to the music, and when they got restless, we bounced them on our laps a little.

They LOVED Donald Duck!  I’m not that fond of Donald, myself, but the girls love ducks in general, and here was a life-size, ice-skating one.  Everytime Donald skated offstage, Zanna protested.  Loudly.

Also at one point in the Little Mermaid part of the show, they released clouds of bubbles from the ceiling.  Another crowd-pleaser.  Both the girls pointed and exclaimed “Bubba! Bubba!”  They didn’t understand why we didn’t release them in a stadium packed with thousands of people to go off chasing bubbles.

Also, they really liked Ursula the sea witch – a giant black and purple Octopus woman.  They exclaimed “Ocagoga! Ocagoga!”  which means “Octopus!” in toddler-ese.

They loved the skating animals in the finale of The Lion King, and at the end of Tinkerbell they shrieked with joy as little paper butterflies were released from the ceiling, skaters with streamers twirled around and a flower curtain unfurled, with skaters gliding by holding gigantic flowers aloft.

It ended at 9:30pm, and like I said, I was very surprised they were so well behaved.  Even the lady next to me remarked about it.  Of course, they weren’t stuffing their faces with various forms of sugar all evening as I saw some very wild-eyed kids doing.  Those kids looked WIRED!

All in all, it was a terrific evening!  I had had worries that the lights, loud music and bright colors and noisy crowd would overstimulate them and that we’d have to leave early, but they seemed fine with it.  Of course, it’s not something I’d expose them to on a regular basis, but I’m so glad they didn’t have a meltdown like some little kids I saw there who really were freaking out by the end.



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