Struggling through the morass of technological illiteracy

Been trying to overhaul the blog and get a new theme up and running, and it’s been slow as molasses!  Can’t do it during the day, as Halle has figured out how to scamper over the gate we have around our computer area.  She likes to prance around on our computer desk, pulling on this, pushing that, reducing everything within sight to its component molecules…ya know, the usual toddler activities!

And when she’s not engaged in electronic mayhem, she likes to clamber all over me!  I can barely use the computer mouse, let alone rework a website and post blogs.  Sigh…

Luckily, Zanna shows no interest in scaling whatever heights there may be.

And thank God, neither one of them has figured out a way over the gate we have protecting our stairwell!

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