Tea for two or three…

The day has finally arrived.  Often dreamed about, long hoped for, the time has finally come!

We had our first tea party!

I was hunting around for something or other, when Zanna toddled over and grabbed my hand.  She insisted that I seat myself at the coffee table, “Mama sit down!”  Then she proceeded to set the table with a wooden block at each place.  One for her, one for Halle, and one for me.

Then, using her cloth teapot (less likely to be destroyed), she poured imaginary tea onto our blocks while making gurgling noises and pronounced the result: “Cake!”  So we dug in and pretended to eat the blocks with great gusto and much slurping.  Loud exclamations of “Yum!”, “Tasty” and so on were heard.  When we had drained our cake blocks dry, Zanna got up, retrieved the teapot and gave us all refills.

A very fun time was had by all.

Later in the afternoon, it was Halle’s turn to play hostess.  It was so cute when Halle poured Zanna’s serving, Zanna said “Thank you Halle”.

It was the most fun I’ve had at a tea party!

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