Adventures in the snow

We just had our first snowstorm, and accumulated about a foot of snow.  Naturally, we wanted the girls to have a fun romp in the snow.

I now have newfound respect for what my mother must have gone through in trying to get two children properly clothed for a snowy day!

While chasing squirming toddlers, we also had to get them into thermals, a snowsuit, two pairs of socks each, a scarf, and gloves.

Getting them into the snowsuits was a two-person operation.  I held open the suit, and Masa would pick up a toddler and lower her into the suit like a construction crane. 

Getting the gloves on was an adventure all on its own.

Finally we were ready to step out into the great white open!

Sadly the snow was just a dry powder, and not yet ready for snowballs and snowmen, but the girls had fun trying to walk in it, and digging.  We had our hands full steering them over to a little used corner of our courtyard to dig, because they really liked putting all the snow shoveled from the walkways — right back onto the walkways!

We had originally intended only 10 minutes for the experience, but they seemed warm enough, so we went a whole half-hour.  Then came the hard part of trying to separate them from all that wonderful snow! 

As they voiced their displeasure (loudly), we lugged them inside, divested them of their outerwear, and served lunch.  Thankfully, their socks were only slightly damp and their feet were only slightly cold – they’ve been colder just running barefoot inside.

I’m very glad they got to have their snowy day, although I think they’re too young yet for a sledding adventure.  Maybe next year.

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