Splish-Splash, they were taking a bath!

At last the day has come, where (we hope) we have passed the threshold of the twins hating baths! 

I had bought a bottle of bubblebath (non-toxic, non-drying and with lavender aromatherapy, too!), dumped it in the tub, threw in a few plastic boats and some toy pigs (long story, don’t ask), and plunked in the girls and hoped for the best.

At first they were a little leery of so much water, but when they realized there were bubbles to be played with, the frolicking commenced!  They stomped, they splashed, they flung suds with merry abandon!  They also didn’t squawk that much when we doused them with the shower hose and shampooed their hair.

The problem, however, was when it came time to take them out!  They flailed, they wailed “MY bubblebath!” “More bath!”  I never thought I would see this day when they protested being removed from a bathtub!

I’m a very happy mama right now 🙂

We also took the obligatory ‘toddler in the bathtub’ pictures, with which to embarass them in front of future fiancees 🙂

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