Monkey Bars

What would a two-year old and King Kong possibly have in common?

They both like to climb as high as they possibly can.  King Kong did it to whack a few planes around, my toddler, Halle, does it to annoy me, and to scare the heck out of me.

After moving into our new apartment, which is MUCH smaller than our last one in Florida, We had to put the computer desk in the living room.  To reduce temptation, we put a gate around it.  Apparently that wasn’t much of a deterrent, because Halle soon scaled the gate and was merrily hopping around on top of the computer desk. 

That’s when she discovered the window.  At first, just her being on the computer desk was enough to worry me, but then she started fiddling around with the window locks, figured out how to open them, and then started pushing the window open – uh oh!

Way back in October, when we signed the lease, there was an option to get window bars installed for free.  I did choose this option, but the maintenance guy, for whatever reason, decided to give me a hard time about it.

“You don’t need window bars!  What’cha need window bars for!?” he blustered beligerantly.

I explained that I had twin toddlers and could he please go ahead and install them.  He blustered some more claiming the girls couldn’t possibly get up there and open the windows.  I caved, he left.

Now, in December, there Halle is, looking pleased as punch at her new achievment.

So I called the leasing office and said this time I REALLY needed those bars installed, ASAP!

Again the maintenance guy blustered, but this time I held my ground.  He wouldn’t believe me that Halle could do what she did, but I hung on and out-stubborned him.  He said he didn’t have any in stock and they’d have to be ordered.

After following up with the leasing office to make sure they were indeed ordered, a week later they had arrived.  Then the maintenance guy calls me up claiming that it’s too cold to work outside to install them.  I reminded him that if he had installed them in October when he should have, it would have been much warmer.  I asked him to please install them ASAP.

He didn’t get back to me for nearly two weeks, refused to return calls.  So I called the leasing office and their headquarters and reminded them that if the bars weren’t installed, and something happened to my kids, there’d be a lawsuit for their negligence.

Surprise, surprise, the bars got installed that morning.  And he installed them from inside the apartment!

We all feel very relieved now.

And we finally unpacked enough boxes in the second bedroom to make room for the computer desk, so Halle no longer has access to that particular bit of death-defying acrobatics.

So what did my little monkey girl do?  She climbed up the plastic easel!  And then her sister, Zanna, followed her up!  So now we’ve got an easel in the kitchen.

I’m SO looking forward to when they can understand me when I explain that them going Splat! would not be a good thing and they should listen when their mama tells them don’t climb something.

For now, though, our monkeys get bars on the windows.

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