Raise a cup to your health!

We have banished the sippy cups at last!

A week ago, while staring at the pile of dirty sippy cups and their dirty little fiddly valve-thingys in the sink, I reached the conclusion suddenly one day – like those burros that carry people to the floor of the Grand Canyon – that I just couldn’t do this anymore.

And just like that, I switched to short glass tumblers.

Granted, it requres a bit more supervision by me and my husband when the girls have a beverage to be drunk.  Constantly reminding them to ‘drink with their mouths, not with their hands’, and threatening to take away the drinks if they didn’t stop playing around with them.

But for the most part, it’s working quite well.  And it’s heaven to just chuck the glasses into the dishwasher for cleaning!

We’ve only had one dropped (and broken) glass so far, and now we’ve learned that when they’re not actively drinking, to push the glasses out of elbow’s reach, but so far, so good!

We’ve also banished kiddie dishes.  Those were a pain to wash, too, with their little nooks and crannies.  Now we use the same Corelle plates for the girls that we use.  And after, we let monsieur dishwasher do the cleaning.

What bliss!

I highly recommend it.

(But we still use kiddie forks.  Even small size regular forks are too sharp on the tines for little mouths.)

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