School Daze

Brave (or extremely foolish, depending on your point of view) mama that I am, I conceived the notion that I would homeschool my girls.  After hearing amazing tales of how homeschooled children are more socially adjusted and psychologically healthier than their conventionally schooled counterparts, I thought ‘That’s for us!’

But after the past 4 years of grueling labor, from invitro to birth, to infancy to toddlerhood, mama needs a break.

And also, I haven’t found too much of a homeschooling network for toddlers. The few playgroups I’ve managed to find don’t have a consistant showing of other children.  You might love meeting little Mary, but chances are, you’ll never see her again due to scheduling conflicts and childhood illnesses!

So I decided to investigate the local nursery schools. 

First off I checked in with our local Moms Club, which has 45 families in it, and got a few recommendations.

Apparently registration for nursery school starts in January!  Who knew?  Now that it’s almost the end of April there aren’t that many spots left.  Luckily, our first choice, a nursery school run from a local Jewish synagogue has two spots open and I’m going to tour it tomorrow.  If all goes well, we’ll sign up the twins and come September, they’ll be scampering with merry abandon along with all the other litte ones in their class.

And if, by chance, little Mary is enrolled there, we’ll get to see her every day.

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