A Stitch In Time…

Last Friday, while I was explaining to the plumber about our plugged sink, Zanna decided to jump around on the couch in the living room.  As the old rhyme goes…

One little monkey jumping on the couch, She fell down and bumped her head, Mama called the doctor and the doctor said: “Come on into the ER for a 4hr wait and 8 stitches.”

At first I didn’t think it was so serious, just skinned it a little around her eyebrow.  Her pupils were equal sized and reacted to light equally, no sign of dizzyness, headache, loss of appetite, so after giving a little first aid and a “Go Diego Go” bandaid, I put her down for a nap

A couple of hours later, the wound was still dripping coagulation material and I poked it a little and realized there was kind of a large flap of skin there.  So I called our pediatrician who advised us to take her to the ER.  I called the ER and they said the same thing.

So I called my husband home from work and we brought in the twins.

The doctor actually pulled apart the two halves of the wound and I could see it was pretty bad.  2/8 of an inch wide and deep, and almost an inch long.

More waiting and then they tied down my little girl on a “papoose board” and wrapped her with sheets so she couldn’t escape.  Then, with an assistant holding her head and me rubbing her arm and foot, the only parts accessible and talking to her, the doctor set to work.  Two interior stitches and 6 exterior ones. 

The whole 4 hour wait they wouldn’t let Zanna have anything to eat or drink.  They said she might throw up during the proceedure.

I was so happy to give her the sippy cup of milk and watch her slurp it down after the doctor was done.

And the cartoons they show kids these days are so violent!  I tried vainly for something suitable for Zanna to watch while we waited for the doctor to do her stuff.

Anyway, for the next few days my husband and I were a bit overcautious when either of the girls tried to do their usual daredevil stunts.

We just got the stitches out this morning and Zanna didn’t cry at all, just a few teeny whimpers.

Halle was so interested in the proceedings that she kept butting her little face in between me and the doctor as I held Zanna and the doctor wielded a sharp scalpel to cut the stitches, so we had a nurse come and take care of Halle until Zanna was done.

Now we just have to avoid exposing the wound to sunshine for the next 6 months and we hopefully will avoid the worst of scarring.

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