Those sleepy times of yore…

My days are numbered.

Halle now sleeps through the night (THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but has the unfortunate tendancy to be up around 6-6:30am, daylight savings time or not.  Zanna has been sleeping through the night all along and doesn’t mind sleeping in, however she happily gets up when Halle does.

My problem is that while Halle is willing to take a nap (most days), Zanna is not.  Recently she almost never takes a nap unless we happen to be driving in the car after a long romp in the park.  And if I should take her and her likewise sleeping sister home so that I can get a nap, too, Zanna wakes up and won’t go back down.

Recently Mama has had to do without her naps.  This makes Mama kinda cranky.

The only good point is that on days when they both miss their naps, we can get them to sleep for the night around 7:30pm.  But by that time I’m so tired I don’t have the energy to go out and work on my novel. (just can’t seem to focus on it at home.  I do much better in a Starbucks.)

And lest I be able to get any shut-eye while Halle naps, and just let Zanna romp in the living room while I grab a few ‘z’s ‘ on the couch, the clever girl has discovered how to climb over the gate blocking the way downstairs.  This has caused any number of mini mama heartattacks, because if she misfoots her way over the gate, it’s a loooooong way down!

So Mama must be ever vigilant!  And when the heck did I start referring to myself in the third person?

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