Wackiness ensues at the post office…

We might or might not be visiting my in-laws in Japan this summer.  (Long story, involves the somewhat hidden human rights abuses against religious minorities going on right now in Japan, aided and abetted by the police and court system and consciously overlooked by the national government – even ignoring the United Nations’ pleas for intervention.  You can read more here: http://kidnapping.jp/Kidnapping-e.pdf )


It was time to get the girls their passports.  Just in case. 

After filling out all pertinent forms at home and collecting all documents my husband and I, with the twins, set off to the post office.  As the girls ran madly around the lobby, boldly seeking out new and interesting ways to wreak havok and demolish the fixtures, Masa and I filled out some other paperwork.  We could only do this on a Saturday as Masa has to work weekdays, and current policy is that BOTH parents need to be present to assure that there was no untoward child-snatching in a custody battle going on.

Then came time to take their pictures.  Pure torture.  We had to arrange a wriggling toddler against the wall, have her stand still and look straight at the camera.  Without making funny faces.

It didn’t help that the photographer didn’t use a tripod and had shaky hands.  It took over five minutes per child.

Just when we got Zanna done and reached for Halle, we realized that a battle of epic scale was about to be unleashed upon us….the pacifier in Halle’s mouth had to come out!

And she REALLY did not like that!

It was pretty hard to not only get her to stand up and not move, but to also get her to stop crying with her little eyes screwed tightly shut, her body shaking with sobs and whimpers, oh it was awful!

Then an optimistic postal worker came over and waved a lollipop at Halle.

Don’t these people think?  They never ask ME if it’s alright for my child to have processed sugar with chemicals, additives that cause chemical imbalances in the brain that lead to ADHD and other crapola!

Thankfully Halle has no idea what a lollipop is and showed no interest in it.  Like all I need is for a toddler to be running around with a stick in her mouth to get impaled on!

Long story short: Halle calmed a bit, we sorta got the picture taken – ‘Good enough!’ declared the desperate photographer and her equally harried manager who wanted to herd the whole noisy lot of us out of there posthaste.

Then we went for pizza.

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