Bears, Birds and Food Ticks

We took the twins to the Turtleback Zoo yesterday.  There was an event hosted by a local Jewish organization there and it sounded like fun.  After particpating in the storytime, collecting our goodie bag and having a quick picnic, we set off in search of critters to peruse.

The reptile house was a big hit with the girls.  They loved seeing the tortoises scamper around their enclosure!  Then we saw the bears which were very accommodating as they walked right up to the viewing window and paced back and forth for a few minutes in front of our girls, who made encouraging little bear roars for their new furry friends.

Then we went to the Australian Outback section and the Aviary.  The brightly colored budgerdriars and parakeets were free to fly around inside and the staff sold little popsicle sticks that had sesame seeds encrusted on them at $2 each.  When I saw people coaxing the little birds onto the sticks to have a snack and heard my girls squeal “Birds!! Feed birds!!” I caved and got two sticks.

Then we went fishing for birds.

There’s a trick to it: you can’t just put the stick in front of their mouths, you need to poke a little at their feet and then they’ll step on the stick.

Halle caught on right away and was happily fishing for birds as we tried to restrain her from pulling their tail feathers or other gestures of affection.

Zanna had a harder time and my husband and I both pulled some arm muscles hefting her (the twins are both about 30 pounds right now) in the air to fish a bird from a low branch.  Finally, though, she had one.

The girls were ecstatic!  Little happy yells of “Come here birdy!  Eat food tick!! (food stick)”

And when we finally had to leave, there were heartbroken (loud) inconsolable wails at having to leave the aviary and their little feathered friends.

Today there were a couple flashbacks:  “Food ticks!!” “Where my birdies?!” and more tears.

Probably next time we go to the zoo I wouldn’t be surprised if we spend the whole time just fishing for birds with our food ticks.

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