What lies beneath…

Ominous title for a blog post, huh?

When we last left our happy family, they had reached a detente of sorts with the new neighbors downstairs. We would sometimes check with them if the noise level was tolerable for them and they assured us that all was well. Occasionally the guy downstairs would knock on our door if the girls were getting too rowdy for his tastes (although if he would just wait another minute, the noise would die down of its own accord), but for the most part things seemed to be manageable. We ignored his littered cigarette butts in front of our apartment and their constant slamming in and out of their apartment that made our whole apartment vibrate, and they managed to be civil when letting us know if someone was home sick for the day and could the girls keep it down a few notches?

And then I made the awful mistake of doing them a favor.

Recently, a flyer had been sent round by the complex management advising all dog owners that if any dogs were to be found off leash, or with poo left undisposed of in the proper manner, or bags of poo left around, the dog owner would be fined and possibly have their pooch evicted.

So when I saw the bag of pooch grenades lying on our front doorstep (that we share with the people downstairs), rather than call management about this hazard to my kids’ health, I thought I’d be neighborly and just knock and ask them nicely if they could remove it to elsewhere before any kids walked onto it.

The lady downstairs EXPLODED!!!! She started screaming at me, calling my kids animals, calling us liars and that we didn’t have any carpet upstairs at all and other manner of verbal abuse.

I calmly informed her that not only did we have carpet, it also had foam matting under it!

She screamed again that we were lying (and I certainly wasn’t going to invite a crazy person upstairs to take a look for herself) and slammed back into her apartment.

Since then, everytime my girls made even the slightest noise, she would bash her fist on our door, scream obscenities and slam back into her apartment.

She also took to slamming her door even harder than before everytime she went in or out.

After calling management to ask their advice and they told us our carpeting was fine, and they agreed the structure was old and really carried footfall noise (and other kinds) very well, we went to IKEA anyway and got more carpeting for the few small bare areas the girls didn’t go on anyway and laid that down with more foam matting.

Nice people that we are, we even let them know downstairs before we started moving furniture around.

A scant 3 minutes after the new carpet was laid down and the girls had made a test run, the lady downstairs was bashing on our door again and screaming obscenities.

Oh well, we tried.

Of course if she would just wait about a minute, the girls usually change activities and stop the running which seems to be what makes her react.

And what were they thinking moving in under a family with kids?

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