A Day At The Farm

Today we drove the girls about an hour away to Princeton NJ where there is a farm with U-Pick produce.  Terhune Orchards was a wonderful trip for all of us.  The girls had a blast!


In all, we picked about 3 pounds of strawberries – not the big supermarket ones with almost no taste, but the tiny sweet local NJ kind that you can’t find in a supermarket – ripened fully and bursting with sweetness!

Apparently the supermarket kinds are picked pink and even if they turn red and soft later, the flavor doesn’t change, according to Edible NJ, a freebie foodie magazine.

So we bent and picked, hunting out the hidden jewel-like gleaming red treasures and holding the stems out for Halle and Zanna to pluck the fruit off.  They were so happy doing that, that when their baskets were full, they didn’t want to give them up to get empty ones!

And then Zanna got away from us and started zipping across the strawberry fields, trampling a few plants and berries in her path before we caught up with her.  Halle had also abandoned strawberry picking in favor of playing with a rather nice looking stick she had picked up, so we weighed in, paid up and headed for the toddler tractors.

They have a small lot filled with toddler sized ride-on John Deere tractors for the kids to scoot around in, so Mike watched the girls do that while I bought some goodies in the farm’s store.

The doughnuts are to die for! Oh. My. God!  That must be what the doughnuts in Heaven taste like!  So light and fluffy, a dusting of cinnamon sugar on them, delicious!  And we sipped fresh apple cider along with the doughnuts.

After that, the girls scurried over to the fenced-in Canadian Geese and goats and Mike discovered that there were vending machines full of dried corn to feed the animals, so he got a few dimes and handed them to Zanna to give to me, but instead, she took off like lightening towards the geese – to feed them the dimes.

I couldn’t convince her to not feed the animals the money so after a countdown of 10, I had to pry the dimes out of her little fist and quickly get them into the vending machines and then give her the corn.  THEN she understood that the corn was for feeding (but I still wouldn’t trust her with any dimes 🙂   )

Both the girls had a great time flinging dried corn kernals to the critters and when we ran out of dimes, they hunted around the vending machines for kernals that others had dropped and made a quick beeline back to the critters for more feeding.

They also got to pet two very docile dogs who were so relaxed they were almost catatonic except for the wagging tails, and a couple of cats.

Then we disinfected their hands and arms and headed home while the girls wailed their displeasure.

After we arrived home and they woke up from their naps, the first thing Zanna said was “Where my farm? I want go farm, pick trawberries!”  (They still leave off the ‘s’ at the beginning of words.) and then she wept when she realized that we weren’t going back there again today.

In June there will be cherries and blueberries and a firefly festival there and we are definitely looking forward to going!

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