My baby takes the morning train…

Today we had An Adventure.

I had to go to Manhattan this morning to do an interview regarding the human rights abuses in Japan that had me concerned since we’re planning to visit my in-laws there this summer.

Problem is….no babysitter.  So I packed up the snacks, toys and other paraphenalia my girls require and off we set for the local train station.

As we drove around and around all four of the nice parking lots that NJ Transit bragged were available at the station, I noticed a trend: they all required permits or only had a two-hour limit.  After not so quietly freaking out, I hunted down a policeman and asked for advice.  He readily agreed that there was no parking for me anywhere, but then was kind enough to give me an insiders’ secret: a local park w/in walking distance was a popular parking spot for people in my situation.  Not exactly legal, but it seemed nobody minded.

Obstacle 1 overcome.

Then we got to the entrance to the station.  Stairs.  Lots and lots of stairs.  Not an elevator in sight.  And me with a HUGE backpack, two toddlers, a diaper bag and a stroller.

I folded the stroller and put it under one arm, got the girls to hold hands and we slowly and painfully (in my case) made our way upstairs.

Obstacle 2 overcome.

By that time we had missed our train, but the helpful ticketseller helped me find a train that would still get me to where I was going on time.  Of course it meant I had to transfer trains.

Somehow I overcame Obstacle 4 and got on the right 2nd train and made it to NY.

A broken elevator, several VERY VERY VERY helpful New Yorkers who should be nominated for SAINTHOOD for helping me with the kids and the stroller up the escalators and stairs, and finally I arrived at my destination right on time.

Fortunately things were MUCH easier coming back.

The girls think that trains are fun!  But it’ll be awhile before I try doing that again!

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