Where do we go?

Recently, we’ve gotten many queries wanting to know where we go to worship.  As the answer is intrinsically related to our twins, I’ll answer here in the blog instead of the FAQ.

First we tried attending service at our own church, the Unification Church.  However that is 40 minutes drive, one way, and once we get there, they have no Sunday School for toddlers.  They do have Sunday School for older children, but the girls are not ready for that and would disrupt the class.

Trust me, they would TOTALLY disrupt the class 😉

So we tried attending in the main sanctuary with everyone else.  Even armed with snacks, drinks and toys, the girls’ attention was soon claimed by all the interesting (and no doubt expensive) sound equipment on the stage.

It wasn’t too long before they managed to wriggle and kick and scream their way out of our grasp, and make a beeline for the equipment, where they started pulling at wires and microphones and other equipment, with merry abandon.

So, in short order we found ourselves in the cafeteria area watching them color with crayons and paper, or chasing after them as they found new things to destroy in that very un-babyproofed space.

Then it was 40 minutes back in the car to get home.

The second time we tried it, no sooner had we planted our butts in the pew then the girls were off and running, in a toddlerish attempt to bring down the temple, like Sampson.

To drive 80 minutes round trip to just watch them color in a basement wasn’t doing much for us in the way of spiritual nourishment, unless you count us praying desperately for God to give us strength.

Then we tried a local synagogue’s Tot Shabbat (Shabbat is Hebrew for Sabbath).  Unfortunately they held that in the main sanctuary of the temple.  Beeline for stage, toddler attack on (no doubt expensive) antique-y looking objects d’art, and we were carting kicking screaming toddlers out of there.


Then we miraculously found a local Christian church, that had just started holding services after converting from an online church.


The staff was warm and friendly, there were toys to play with, Bible-themed activities for the girls to engage in, crafts, and the girls really enjoyed it.

And it had a door with a window so I could peek in to see if they were ok, plus it was within earshot of the back of the sanctuary, so I could hear them if they cried for me, which meant…


YAY!  YIPPEE!!!!  HOORAY!!!!!!!!!  WAHOOOOO!!!!!!!  HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Now and then we try a Tot Shabbat if it’s specifically geared for 2yr olds, but I think that once the girls have been in nursery school for a while, it’ll be easier to take them to pre-k religious programs, because they’ll be more used to behaving in a public kind of setting that involves attending to something. 

I hope.

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