The Bangers

Yep, we’re still having difficulties with the people down below us.

While they expect us to tiptoe around like timid mice, they bang and slam and crash with impunity. I often hear their dog howling at the noise they make, like the hound of the Baskervilles.

Our apartment literally vibrates everytime they slam out of their apartment and slam back into it.  We can even feel the vibration in bed!

And it’s at all hours of the night!  Even past midnite I can hear them.  Sounds like they’re either moving furniture around or maybe dead bodies, who knows?

They’ve got 3-4 smokers living there at any given time and the two dogs (and cat) so they are constantly in and out, and each entre or egress is accompanied by the slamming of the apartment and outer doors.

At least the man seems to have grown up a little and started bringing his keys with him when he goes walkabout, instead of ringing our bell repeatedly and accusing us of ‘locking him out’ when the wind blows the SECURITY door shut that he deliberately left open.  He even rang our bell when his own wife was at home.

At times, they even play their tv SO loud, we have a hard time hearing our own!

And here’s the heartbreaker: Zanna HAS taken to tiptoeing around sometimes, saying “Look, Mama!  I walking SOFT!”

And after a particularly loud door slamming from down below, Halle came up to me saying “Why they bang so LOUD?”  I asked her if she was ok and she said: “I scared, Mama.”

And always, before I have to take them outside, I peek outside first, because they always leave one of the dogs offleash, a pomeranian, but it’s so excitable, I don’t want it hurting my babies.  And the pit bull, while leashed is also a menace: the wife downstairs one time let it have enough slack to lunge at Mike, so that he had to jump back to get out of its way. Then she reeled it in and walked past him without a word, not even a ‘sorry’.

And now they’ve stepped up their campaign of intimidation and terror by working up some cockamamie story to tell management and so we’ve gotten called in for a meeting to respond to THEIR complaints!

I’m thinking of taking legal action here.  This is SO not right!

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2 thoughts on “The Bangers

  1. Update:

    The meeting with the manager went well. We learned that the below people had refused an offer to move them to another apartmet,thinking they could force us to move instead. Luckily the manager told us he couldn't force us to do that, and we let him know that it was physically impossible for us to pack up, move, unpack, all while taking care of two toddlers and with Mike working 60+ hrs a week, and all the people who had helped us pack up last time were several states away.

    Now the below people are looking even more angry than usual, so I guess the manager let them know that us moving wasn't an option. Either they're going to have to adjust to living with the apartment under a family with kids, WHICH THEY CHOSE!, or they'll have to take the offer to relocate.


    I wish we could all get along, but they're not really understanding the difference between apartment living and life in their previous private house, and we're limited in how much we can compromise with two 2yr-olds in the mix.

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