The size of an apple…

It occurred to me yesterday that I could almost measure the girls’ developmental progress by the size of the apples they eat.

WAY way back in the early days, when they couldn’t even walk yet, they ate babyfood applesauce – ultra pureed.

Then we moved on to regular applesauce by the time they walked.

By the time their first molars had shown up, we had moved on to peeled and thinly sliced apple slices.

Then it was thicker peeled slices,

And after their second molars were well in, I started them on slices with the peel ON.

At first, they just nibbled the fruit and left the ‘rinds’ behind, often hidden in dark, quiet places where they could becom applepeel leather in case of famine, but after a few weeks, they started to eat the slices peel and all.

And now I just wash and hand them a whole apple.  When they start getting into the core, they politely hand it back to me with a request to remove the ‘yucky stuff’.

I’m pretty happy that they’re getting all the fiber and nutrients that go along with the peel (usually the most nutrients in fruit and veggies is the layer just under the peel) and Halle has been having fantastic poos!

So I’ve been trying to give them an apple a day, or every other day.

Still not trying raw carrots in anything but small, thin matchsticks, though, as the choking hazard is still there in greater degree than the apples, I feel.

And I do supervise their apple eating, just in case 🙂

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