The Leaf Thief

Since Halle finally started sleeping through the night several months ago, my “Me” time in the evening is relatively uneventful.

So imagine my surprise when I hear Halle cry out and start to sob like her little heart would break, a couple hours after I put the twins down to sleep!

I rushed into the bedroom and to her side, picking her up and trying to determine what the problem was.

I was thereupon accused of the most heinous of crimes: “Mama took my LEAF!!!”

Her little fists were clenched, tears poured from her eyes, her little body shook and heaved with heartrending sobs, as she plaintively cried out for her missing foliage.

After calming her down, I was able to ascertain that she had been having a particularly happy dream wherein she was engaged in collecting leaves.  Then she woke up and there were no leaves anymore – hence the toddler sobfest.

I did my best to reassure her that I most certainly did NOT take her leaf, that it was a “dream leaf” and if she went back to sleep, she would see it again.

Somehow that worked and she fell asleep while I rubbed her back.

But the next afternoon, she had a flashback and started hassling me to produce her leaf immediately.

So I told her that while she was sleeping at night, she visited “Dreamland” and that is where her dream leaves were.  Then I offered to let her take a nap so she could visit there and reclaim her leaf.

This met with a resounding “NO!  I AWAKE!  I Don’t want a nap!!”

Thereafter she let the subject of supposedly purloined leaves drop.

I was very releaved.

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