School At Last!!!

The twins are 3 yrs old now, and this week they started nursery school.  All I can say is:

THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It hasn’t come a moment too soon!

After  canvassing the other moms in our local Mom’s Club, they overwhelmingly recommended one particular school.  After visiting it and interrogating the director, I thought it would be a good fit with how we’re raising the girls.

Then came the hard part – dropping the girls off on their first day (which was just a 1/2 hour session) and hearing their sobs and howls, all the way down the hall.

I had honestly thought they’d be ok with it.  For the entire week previous, I told them over and over again what was going to go down.  I would drop them off, they would play with their school friends, toys and nice teachers, and Mama would go shopping (they’re usually ok when I go shopping and my husband watches them, so I thought it would be a nice euphemism for “Mama’s going away now and coming back soon.”)

And as soon as school was done, Mama would be right there to pick them up and take them home.

And they seemed all right with this, even Zanna.

But somehow everything went to heck in a handbasket with that plan, the moment the teacher led them into the classroom.  Without me.

The director was a very nice woman who gave regular status updates to the parents who huddled in a meeting room down the hall from their little ones.

Halle had stopped crying after the first few minutes and was happy as a lark, playing with other children.

Zanna, after 5 minutes, had subsided to quiet sobbing, with her thumb in her mouth, cuddling her pink “Sosa” doll.  (It’s a Snoedel doll that she’s had since she was a few months old.)

At the 15 minute mark, I was informed that Zanna, too, was playing happily.

When I came to collect them, they were both bubbling over with excitement, telling me all about their little adventures and the toys they played with.

Yes, they liked it.

Yes, they were happy.

Yes, they wanted to come back again tomorrow.

Then tomorrow came, and as soon as we approached the doors of the school, Zanna clung to me like a baby koala in desperate fear for its life, and as I handed her off to the teacher she started wailing.

Again, I waited in the meeting room with other parents.  This time they had laid out a buffet of bagels and fruit, since it would be a full school session of 2 and a half hours.

The director came in after 10 minutes and assured us all that none of the children were crying.

So I had about 2 hours to get stuff done.

When I picked up the girls again, they were happy campers.  No signs of traumatization at being separated from me, and I looked in their backpacks for teacher notes, and there wasn’t a thing.  So I didn’t have to worry about either of them biting or pushing others or being catatonic from stress.

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until Zanna completely stops crying when I drop them off.

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