That’s where it all went wrong.

I was lured in by the frog in the title and pictured on the dvd case of Disney’s latest: The Princess and the Frog.

The description on the back also burbled something about family being important, so I had
high hopes that this would be the one that broke the Disney mold of anti-familyism.

The beginning seemed good, Tiana had a mother AND a father, and both were sincere, honest,
hardworking mature people with a great deal of common sense.

Then it all went wrong.

Somehow Tiana’s father disappeared, I have no idea why because my girls were shrieking
so loudly when VOODOO was brought into play!!

And a talisman filled with BLOOD!!

I fowarded to the frogs, and after a vicious alligator attack and then more dark spirits and voodoo (during which scenes my husband and I dutifully covered the eyes of our girls),
I decided that this movie was DEFINITELY NOT for children!!

After about a half hour, and numerous fast-forwards, we gave up.

Sigh…Family and Frogs…for a minute I really thought Disney might have redeemed itself.

I feel used and betrayed.

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