The Wiggles Live Concert

We just saw the Wiggles’ live show recently: The Wiggly Circus!
The girls had a great time and we did too!  I was a bit concerned going in,
because their videos have become more elaborate recently, and they
don’t hold our twins’ attention like the older, simpler ones do, and I was
worried that a “circus” would be too much for them, but my fears were
put to rest as the show went on.

It was pretty simple and easy for the girls to focus on.  Nothing too fancy, it
was more like having your favorite uncles (or grandpas, depending on your age)
come and entertain your kids, just in a VERY big living room with ALOT of other
people there, too!

I had been praying for the Wiggles’ safety for this tour, because that’s alot of shows
they’re doing this year, and they’re not exactly spring chickens – Jeff is 57!

We had a good view of the stage, off to the side, but the kids didn’t seem to mind.
As long as they got to see Jeff and “Murray” (They had a stand-in for Murray, who had to
fly home to Australia for a family emergency), Dorothy the Dinosaur and ‘Cattin!’ (Captain Feathersword), the girls were beside themselves with joy.

The girls hopped and danced along with the Wiggles, screamed with joy and even wanted to
escape and join the action on the stage (we managed to keep them with us, but I
could see the attraction, it was a FUN show!)  Even my husband was smiling and
singing along on some of the songs!

Definitely it was time and money well spent!  (Even if it did take us an extra 45 minutes
to get there as we got lost several times along the way – local highway signs are
very difficult to follow!)

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