These are a few of their favorite things…


(Editor’s Note:  This post somehow got lost until now.  It was originally written in January, 2010, so relevant updates will be in the comments section below it.)

I’m often asked what the twins’ favorite toys are.  It’s not like we’re brimming over with nearly the entire contents of a ToysRUs, and I’d have to say that they have fewer toys than the average two-child family, but many more books than average.

But there are some major favorites that they play with at least once a day or more:

1) Fisher-Price Little People doll houses

This is one of the few toys they own that I splurged and bought one for each of them.  Usually I make them share, but since these houses are on the small side, I thought that making a small neighborhood wouldn’t hurt.  Since the houses came equipped with blonde-haired, blue-eyed Little People, I splurged again and ordered the Ethnic Neighborhood Families set direct from Fisher-Price.  Now they have an asian Daddy that looks like their own Dada, right down to his coffee cup, The hispanic Mommy looks a lot like me (even though I’m not hispanic), and the asian girl (of which we have two, so- twins!). 

The girls like the sound effects of the houses, and having the Little People take daring leaps off of the roofs, to plummet onto the floor.  Sigh…  But at least now they’re of the age where they’re letting the Little People sit on the couches and chairs, instead of spitting their juice into the toy furniture and slurping it up, like miniature troughs.

2) Little Tikes Slide

They love this slide!  They climb up it right-ways, backwards, slide down it frontwards, upside-downwards, they hide in the little hideaway space, and use it as a ramp for sending various toys plummeting to their doom…sigh…  They’ve had it since they were 1 year old, and it’s still holding up very well.

They also like to have it draped with sheets on top to make another mini-fort on top.  We’ve definitely gotten the money’s worth out of this toy.

3)  Snoedels

Back when they were wee things bundled up in their swaddling, like mini-burritos, and refusing to sleep without me somehow attached to them, I found Snoedels online.  It’s a flannel lovey with a wool-stuffed head, that is supposed to pick up the scent of the parent (after being worn inside the shirt 24/7 for a few days), and then placed next to the infant, will give the child the sense that the parent is near.

We were desperate, so we shelled out $47 for two of them at  (I pathetically begged for a discount on the second one since I had twins, and surprisingly, they agreed!  (They’re usually $25 ea.)

Zanna really seemed to like hers, but Halle wasn’t the slightest bit interested.

And now Zanna sleeps in her own toddler bed all night long (sucking thumb and clutching both of the Snoedels, which have been christened “White Sosa & Pink Sosa” by her), and Halle is firmly ensconsed in my bed where she wakes several times during the night, especially when she drops her pacifier.  We’ve tried to find some kind of lovey she will attach herself to, but no luck as yet.

When we have to leave the house, Zanna is permitted to take one of her “Sosa” lovies with her, and we’ve written our name and phone number on it.  Before we did this, we had a horrific time when she dropped it on a shopping trip in a HUGE store.  As she screamed for her sosa, and tears dripped down her chubby cheeks, Mama ran up and down the aisles looking for the lost toy.  Customer service grudgingly made an incoherent grumbled announcement, and I finally found it on top of a bin of clearance candy, where some good samaritan had deposited it.

Never again. 

That night I defaced the sosa with a tattoo ID.

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1 thought on “These are a few of their favorite things…

  1. Editor's Update:

    The Fisher-Price dollhouses: The girls have stopped playing with the houses, although they still enjoy playing with the little people, so I used a 50%off coupon for Michael's arts & crafts store and bought them a wooden dollhouse, which I still have to find the time to paint.

    The Little Tikes slide: The girls started jumping up and down on it, and since it's only rated for 40 lbs., I thought that 65+ lbs of jumping toddlers might be too much for it, so we've given it to a 2yr old next door, along with our ball pit. I'm told he loves them both.

    Halle finally started sleeping through the night a few months ago, which is GREAT for me! 🙂 and she's been able to do it in her own 'bed', which is actually her own mattress on the floor next to ours, so she can still reach out to us if needed, but usually she stays put. In the next week or two I'm going to re-assemble her toddler bed and see if she'll sleep in that on her own.

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